The ligo.skymap package provides tools for reading, writing, generating, and visualizing gravitational-wave probability maps from LIGO and Virgo. Some of the key features of this package are:

  • Command line tool bayestar-localize-coincs: BAYESTAR, providing rapid, coherent, Bayesian, 3D position reconstruction for compact binary coalescence events

  • Command line tool ligo-skymap-from-samples: Create 3D sky maps from posterior sample chains using kernel density estimation

  • Command line tool ligo-skymap-plot: An everyday tool for plotting HEALPix maps

  • Module ligo.skymap.plot.allsky: Astronomical mapmaking tools for perfectionists and figure connoisseurs

GW170817 localization

This illustration of the position of GW170817, prepared using ligo.skymap, illustrates the main features of this package: rapid localization of compact binaries with BAYESTAR 1, three-dimensional density estimation 2 3, cross-matching with galaxy catalogs, and visualization of gravitational-wave sky maps. Reproduced from 4.



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